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Demystifying Large Point Cloud Data Sets for Simple Integration on Complex Projects

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    This class will guide participants on how to plan for using large amounts of point cloud data across multiple offices quickly and efficiently. The key planning aspects we will cover will be how to handle all sizes of laser scanning projects and how to define an accurate scope when doing a scanning request for proposal (RFP). The project examples for this class will highlight how 500 GB-plus of point cloud data with staff members in 7 offices across the United States and an office in India was set up to decrease wide-area network latency and also improve workstation performance. Software workflows will show how laser scans were set up, including existing conditions model, demonstration drawings creation, and new design coordination with existing point clouds. The software discussed in this class will focus on ReCap 360 software, Navisworks software, and Revit software. There is also a lab that coincides with the concepts discussed in this lecture.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to plan and budget for laser scans
    • Learn strategies for modeling existing data versus reliance on point cloud only
    • Learn how to break up the point clouds for retrofit jobs into manageable file sizes
    • Learn how to manage large data sets across multiple offices