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Delivering $1 Billion of Work Collaboratively with Autodesk Construction Cloud

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    It's no secret: To successfully complete complex construction projects, all stakeholders must collaborate effectively. Companies need to share the right data and information. Learn how project teams can maximize Bridge in Autodesk Construction Cloud to meet company standards, reduce rework, and improve cross-team collaboration. General Motors (GM) has invested $1 billion into building new battery plants, and to do this, the firm asked Barton Malow (general contractor) and Ghafari (architecture engineering firm) to partner together to deliver this massive undertaking. GM knew that traditional construction methods would not meet the timeline and demands of the project, so the firm opted for an integrated project delivery (IPD) method to deliver a project on such a large scale. As an IPD, the partners of GM, Barton Mallow, and Ghafari all share the risk of the project and its rewards. Join Liz Fox from Barton Malow and John Raad from GM to see how Bridge in Autodesk Construction Cloud is a critical component of this massive project.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to apply effective collaboration practices across client and partner stakeholders.
    • Learn about implementing strategies to successfully function in multiple Autodesk Construction Cloud environments using Bridge.
    • Learn how to optimize the document control process to eliminate rework and double entry.