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Deconstruct-Me: Let's Play with Deconstructivist Architecture and Get Your Own Strange Building

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    Who did say we must deal with right angles only? Why place only those boring flat and straight walls in your projects? This lab will guide attendees to explore nonconventional shapes and forms and unusual geometries, and make that stuff to become real and BIM. The scope of the class is understanding the combined use and interoperability between Revit and Fusion 360. Fusion is a software with an incredible potential for the architectural design: why not explore it? The lab will also introduce attendees to setting up a file with Fusion 360, the main modeling techniques, and the best set of file formats inside a BIM process. The "sculpt" environment will then be used as well as traditional solid modeling techniques and methods. Attendees will be guided to model a complex and unusual set of architectural shapes, taking as reference the Deconstructivism architecture style. These shapes will then be used inside Revit to continue the BIM authoring process and take advantage of the parametric engine.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand the combined use of Revit and Fusion 360
    • Understand the main modeling techniques in Fusion 360
    • Understand the potential of Fusion 360 for the architectural design
    • Create and Manage complex geometries and unusual architectural shapes