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DeCAD Your BIM: Moving Beyond CAD Pitfalls in Revit

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    BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a powerful workflow that's often sold as a massive time savings versus a comparable CAD workflow—but many firms jumping into it see an increase in their project time rather than a decrease. There are a lot of CAD practices that, while very efficient in AutoCAD software-based projects, are a terrible idea to maintain in a Revit software-based project. This class will look at some of those common pitfalls, and examine ways to maintain the intent of that workflow and yet harness the "smart" features of BIM. This class is targeted at smaller to mid-size architectural practices that may not necessarily need, or be ready to have, everything smart and optimized in the offices, but are hoping to see some of the time savings and improved accuracy that BIM promises—and doesn't always deliver.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify workflows that are not BIM and Revit appropriate
    • Find solutions to present a comparable workflow to end users
    • Learn how to help other users adopt more-efficient practices
    • Discuss ways to helpfully explain to stakeholders and designers why certain methodologies aren't the best solution in Revit