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Data Aggregation with InfraWorks and ArcGIS for Visualization, Analysis, and Planning

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    Silos of data should be history, but integrating geographic information system (GIS) with 3D model-based design can be a real challenge. The ability to aggregate data and visualize multiple sources of information is crucial for decision making within municipal organizations. With ArcGIS Online and InfraWorks software, you have the edge: the cloud-based ability to easily aggregate personal, organizational, and public data previously locked in GIS files or servers. For urban development, environmental planning, or capital projects, this capacity can enhance the value of your GIS data to create rich 3D design models for critical infrastructure projects. In this session, we will demonstrate the use of InfraWorks software to aggregate ArcGIS Online. You will learn how to configure local GIS servers for ArcGIS Online access. We'll also show you how to configure ArcGIS orthophoto and terrain services for use in InfraWorks. Finally, we'll demonstrate the process using a specific road-design example from a large North American city.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to aggregate public, personal, and organizational GIS data from ArcGIS Online within InfraWorks
    • Learn how to save mappings for ArcGIS attributes to your InfraWorks model
    • Learn how to link ArcGIS services you have published to ArcGIS Online and access them from InfraWorks
    • See a comprehensive workflow for visualizing a transportation plan for a major North American city