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Custom Computational and Cloud-Enabled Workflows for BIM Design Implementation

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    The rapid evolution of design technology, software, and cloud services changes how architectural offices and companies operate, and provides great opportunities for improvements that should be used. This follow-up class to “Custom Computational Workflows for BIM Design Implementation” shows how Revit software and Dynamo can benefit from these new developments and cloud services that can provide more global, efficient, fluent, or even fully automated workflows. Current practical examples of custom workflows we use at Zaha Hadid Architects showcase how manual and cross-application design-to-BIM tasks can be implemented via intelligent parametric elements and scripted processes. As a next step, these can be translated into cloud-enabled workflows for further automation and efficiency. What methods, tools, and cloud-services are available and which skills are required to use them?

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to translate 3D designs from Rhino and other software into adaptive Revit elements that act as a basis of an efficient intelligent model
    • Learn how to develop custom cross-application and Revit workflows for design implementation and turn them into cloud-enabled processes
    • Learn how the Forge Revit Design Automation can be used to enhance and facilitate custom workflows in the cloud
    • Learn about the different methods, tools, and cloud services that are available, and the skills required to use them