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Roundtable    AB2115-R
A Crash Course in Handling Large BIM Projects: Roundtable Followup
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This is a followup roundtable discussion of the class AB1656: A Crash Course in Handling Large BIM Projects. Are you intimidated by what it may take to handle your project in Revit® software? Are you in the verge of starting a large project? In this class, you learn about a systematic approach for handling your most complex Revit projects while maintaining your sanity. In this advanced class we talk about getting your team prepared for the project, building a project plan, and implementing and maintaining the project along the way. We discuss the functionality of Revit for large projects including hardware and network requirements, deploying Revit, building templates, using Revit worksharing efficiently, working with Revit Server, and finally, best practices and tips and tricks for supporting end users who are working on large projects.

Key Learnings

  • Describe the process and best practices for managing a large BIM project
  • Maintain healthy Revit files throughout the course of the project
  • Use the functionality of Revit to manage and support a large BIM project
  • Explain how to solve common large BIM project problems


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