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Building Your BIM Standards: Essential Elements for Revit Workflows

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    Authoring and implementing BIM (Building Information Modeling) standards can be tedious and difficult. Where do you even start? This class will present data collected from standards and guidelines of various entities, such as corporations, academia, local and federal government, and national and international groups. We’ll identify commonalities from each of the standards and compile them to produce data that you can use to develop and implement BIM standards that work for you. The session will delve even deeper to identify Revit software-specific content needed for BIM standards. The class will help make clear distinctions between standards and guidelines, as well as identify topics that don’t need to be standardized. The class will focus on standards development for a holistic BIM workflow within Revit, and provide essentials for integrating workflow with AutoCAD software and Navisworks software.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to develop company or corporate standards that strike the right balance between stringent and flexible
    • Discover basic BIM guidelines and best practices that are common among various published standards
    • Understand the differences between standards and guidelines, and learn how best to implement each
    • Discover aspects of BIM workflows that need not be standardized