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Construction IQ for Design Review: Reducing RFIs and costly issues in Construction

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    Learn from an Autodesk customer, a product manager, and a data scientist as they talk about how the design-review and model-coordination processes work today in construction, and how AI-driven technology can assist the user. Identifying issues before starting construction can save dollars and hours downstream, and Construction IQ software now has the first set of AI-driven tools to help you do this. Customers are digitizing their design-review and coordination processes and tracking their issues using apps like BIM 360 Document Management. Construction IQ is an AI layer that has learned from this data, and also from quality and safety issues, checklists, RFIs, and change orders from more than 30,000 projects. Hear directly from an early adopter customer about their design-review process, wins, and challenges. Understand where the opportunities for AI-driven change exist via workflows like autodetection of code compliance problems and identification of inconsistencies between different document sets.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the construction design review process, as well as its application and challenges
    • Discover what AI is, how it impacts construction, and the opportunities it presents
    • Learn about how AI can help users through the design review and coordination process
    • Learn what you need to do to be able to adopt data-driven workflows in your company