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Constructible BIM with Early Connected Models

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    Today's structural engineers struggle to consider the holistic constructability of a structure; including how their steel framing decisions impact connection design complexity, erectability, and material availability. Their lack of influence is exacerbated when structural engineers delegate connection design to the fabricator, since design changes in the preconstruction stage are challenging to implement. The impact of this leads to RFIs and change orders that result in cost overruns, excess carbon, and schedule drift. This session will cover how WSP, a leading engineering firm and innovator in the steel industry, delivers early connected steel models to overcome these challenges. By incorporating connection design early in the project timeline, WSP delivers highly detailed 3D models to ensure greater cost and schedule certainty.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how the process has been used on major U.S. projects, and hear about lessons learned and the roles engineers and fabricators play.
    • Reflect on the evolution of this delivery method and how market forces will make this process the standard of care.
    • Visualize new Revit capabilities that perform constructability reviews of the steel frame and optimize steel connections.
    • Debate how new BIM-centered technologies set the stage for more automated connected model delivery.