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Connecting Piping Design in AutoCAD Plant 3D to Piping Fabrication Through Spoolgen

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    Many piping fabricators now receive pipe geometry information in digital format, preferably in Isogen PCF format. AutoCAD Plant 3D software creates PCF files that piping fabricators can use. But if rules are not followed correctly, the interface between AutoCAD Plant 3D and SmartPlant Spoolgen will not work properly. This is not a problem fundamental to AutoCAD Plant 3D software; it’s a problem with how AutoCAD Plant 3D may have been customized. This class will focus on what you need to know to enable AutoCAD Plant 3D to interface to the Spoolgen software that is commonly used by piping fabricators. We will communicate the experience gained by working with the Hexagon Alias Team through practical examples of what to do and what not to do while customizing AutoCAD Plant 3D Isometrics. This class will teach attendees how to manage the piping specs and catalog to ensure compatibility with Spoolgen through the correct mapping of Skeys and End Types, as well as avoiding various “gotchas” that can cause Isogen and Spoolgen to fail.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to tune AutoCAD Plant 3D isometric generation to create “clean” PCFs
    • Learn how to create error-free PCFs
    • Learn how to avoid Spoolgen and Isogen pitfalls
    • Follow a step-by-step process for customizing AutoCAD Plant 3D isometric creation to interface correctly to Spoolgen