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Connect and Collaborate: Manage Changes in Your DWG Through Visualization and Notification

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    The intent of this roundtable is to ignite a discussion around how we build the next generation of tools and utilities in AutoCAD software that are modern, collaborative, and cloud extensible. We'll use a prototype to showcase how these utilities can help CAD managers and drafters visualize, track, get smart notifications, and monitor the histories of their DWG™ in its lifecycle. The objective is to help the engineering team cocreate and build smart utilities that work for the classic users of AutoCAD, as well as the gen-next-born in the era of cloud apps. The roundtable will help us discover how AutoCAD can become more personalized to the needs of our customers and how much our customers are ready to embrace newer ways of working and collaborating with their customers and peers. We will also explore the fears and tribulations of being connected to the cloud. We will have an expert-led participant group to discuss specific questions, and participants are encouraged to bring their own problems and ideas.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to visualize and track your drawing changes in AutoCAD
    • Learn how to view changes of AutoCAD objects from version to version
    • Learn how to implement a cloud-enabled versioning service in AutoCAD
    • Learn how CAD managers and users can set up notifications in their projects for drawing updates