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Cloudification with BIM 360: How to Move Workflows to the Cloud

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    Cloudification. What's this? Wikipedia says, "The conversion and/or migration of data and application programs in order to make use of cloud computing." Anytime, anywhere, and any device is the promise of the cloud as more and more on-premise servers and infrastructures are dying. What does it really mean when on-premise is dying? In this class, you will learn about the transfer of on-premise working methods to the cloud-based platform BIM 360, the role of the Autodesk Desktop Connector when integrating applications that are not cloud-ready, trusted working environments, and the migration of operating principles to the cloud. We will teach you to identify risks and remove them to lead your company through the change. We will share best practices for adoption into your situation and we will give you a better understanding of the benefits, complexity, risks, and obstacles.

    Key Learnings

    • Adopt shared best practice when adopting cloud workflows with BIM 360
    • Understand benefits, complexity and risks
    • Define your strategy and implementation road map at your own pace
    • Identify obstacles and road blocks