Lecture    DV1736
Cloud-Based, Real-Time, Round-Trip, 2D Revit Model Editing on Any Mobile Device
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This presentation demonstrates real-time, round-trip editing of a simplified 2D rendering of an Revit intelligent model on any mobile device with no need to install any additional software whatsoever beyond a web browser. How can this be achieved? A Revit software add-in exports polygon renderings of room boundaries and other elements such as furniture and equipment to a cloud-based repository that is implemented using an Apache CouchDB® NoSQL database. On the mobile device, the repository is queried and the data rendered in a standard browser using server-side generated JavaScript and SVG. The rendering supports graphical editing, specifically translation and rotation of the furniture and equipment. Modified transformations are saved back to the cloud database. The Revit add-in picks up these changes and updates the Revit intelligent model in real-time. All of the components used are completely open source, except for Revit itself. This is an advanced class for experienced programmers.

Key Learnings

  • Architect a cloud-based data repository using NoSQL and Apache CouchDB
  • Implement server-side scripting to display and edit 2D graphical data in the browser on a mobile device
  • Describe the JavaScript implementation using jquery, db and Rapha�l to generate and drive the HTML and SVG room editor
  • Use the Revit API to determine room and family instance 2D boundary polygons and the Idling event for real-time intelligent model updates



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