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Civil 3D and Dynamo—Dynamic Culvert Design and Analysis

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    In this class, you’ll learn how to use Civil 3D software and Dynamo to model and analyze roadway drainage culverts. Learn how to create dynamic 3D culvert models by using information directly from your Civil 3D design corridor, using a combination of standard Dynamo nodes and custom Python scripts to analyze and optimize the desired culvert size. Finally, we’ll investigate how to take the Dynamo 3D model back into Civil 3D and Revit software for documentation purposes. This session is intended for those wishing to begin their Civil 3D and Dynamo automation journey using the power of the Dynamo interface.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use the Civil 3D corridor model to create 3D drainage culverts in Dynamo
    • Learn how to use Dynamo to create complex 3D drainage culvert models from user-defined parameters
    • Discover Dynamo’s Python node to undertake culvert analysis and sizing
    • Learn how to create Civil 3D geometry from within the Dynamo workspace for documentation