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Civil 3D Data Mining with Dynamo

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    In this class, you will learn how to connect your Civil 3D models into the Dynamo environment using C# programming language and the Zero Touch interface. Learn how to connect to a running Civil 3D application using the Civil 3D COM API, and create customized nodes for common Civil 3D object types. We will then import the Zero Touch library into Dynamo Studio, where we will apply the new nodes into a Dynamo canvas and extract Civil 3D model data for analysis or construction. Finally, we will investigate how we can transfer data from within Dynamo back into our current Civil 3D model objects. This session is intended for those wishing to extend their Civil 3D customization skills, capitalizing on the power of the Dynamo interface.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to create custom Civil 3D nodes for Dynamo using C# and the Zero Touch interface
    • Learn how to interrogate your Civil 3D geometry and models from within Dynamo
    • Learn how to capitalize on the flexibility of Dynamo to extract Civil 3D model data
    • Learn how to create Civil 3D geometry from within the Dynamo workspace