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Case Study: Autodesk® Infrastructure Modeler During the Early Design Phase of a Large Rail Project in Norway

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    In this case study, we will show how we used Autodesk Infrastructure Modeler software to visualize a 450–500 kilometer double-track railway in Norway. We will show how we were able to use the data that we already had to quickly bring up a model of southern Norway and then add the 450–500 kilometers of railway routes. We will also show how we further used the model to create a movie in AVI format of the railway line. We modeled some of the 180 bridges in more detail. We will show how we easily exported the parts of the Infrastructure Modeler model over to Autodesk® 3ds Max® Design software and a third-party application for more detailed visualization.

    Key Learnings

    • Create images and videos of the project directly inside Infrastructure Modeler
    • Export an Infrastructure Modeler model to 3ds Max® Design and third-party applications for more detailed visualization
    • Use Infrastructure Modeler to create conceptual designs
    • Migrate data from other Autodesk® products and third-party applications models into Infrastructure Modeler