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CIO Town Hall: Cloud GPU Workstations Driving Higher Productivity at Home
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Join us for a CIO Town Hall deep-dive panel session on the impacts of our current lock-down on our businesses and how IT organizations can act quickly to support their teams to work from home. Our 3 “cloud-expert” IT executives share their stories on how they moved their desktops, apps and data to the cloud and have been supporting thousands of remote workers.

A few of the topics examined:
• Andy Knauf – the business & tech challenges in deploying cloud desktops & workstations on 3 regions of Azure, and what he’s learned in the last 6 months
• Israel Sumano – what it took to move the whole west coast team to the cloud in one move, and how they’ve increased productivity and reduced cost
• Brian Nordmann – working from home has proven to be more successful than he could have ever imagined, completely changing their approach to staffing

Key Learnings

  • Simplify desktop and workstation provisioning by deploying from the cloud in the same region of the world as the user.
  • Transitioning to a full cloud-native desktop service simplifies operations and replaces high CapEx with subscription pricing.
  • Place the GPU Workstation in proximity to the user lowers the latency and increases performance and productivity.
  • Use Regional Disaster Recovery and VM Backup in the cloud to ensure the highest level of uptime and business continuity.



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