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As-Built and Conceptual Modeling with ReCap, Revit-Based Software, and AutoCAD

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    Reality capture is becoming predominant in architectural, engineering, or construction work. Using the ReCap family of products and services in conjunction with Autodesk applications, it's now becoming very easy to design in context using as-built scanned data as a reference. This class teaches you how to take advantage of new workflows based on ReCap software for several use cases that are related to BIM, such as retrofitting a renovation, conceptual modeling, and so on, using both laser scanners and photographs.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe reality capture workflows for BIM
    • Prepare laser scans for Autodesk applications using ReCap Studio
    • Create a 3D model from photos using ReCap Photo
    • Use ReCap data in AutoCAD and Revit-based software