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Roundtable    AS322718-R
Building Effective User Groups: What does it take to be successful?
Autodesk University
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Build it and they will come. Or will they? Are you a user group leader interested in building a more effective user group? Drawing from more than a decade of user group experience; this round table discussion will study what makes groups successful, what limits their success, and what resources are now available to user group leaders as part of the new Autodesk Group Network. During this conversation we’ll study where leaders of top performing groups find success planning, hosting meetings, and managing their groups. Come join the discussion to learn best practices for leading an effective user group.

Key Learnings

  • Identify best practices of top-performing user groups.
  • Develop strategies to plan, host, and manage a successful user group.
  • Leverage resources available as part of the Autodesk Group Network.
  • Connect with fellow user group leaders on the Group Leader Hub.


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