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Build a Machine Learning Valve Design App Using Autodesk Forge and simulationHub

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    Machine Learning (ML) techniques are now widely being used in almost all industries. This course focuses on how you can use ML in  the design of Mechanical Systems. We will share our insights on developing a methodology for quickly building a ML design app for the most common control valve type (the Symmetric Butterfly Valve), and how you can use numerical or experimental data generated from simulationHub to train your models. This class will step through machine learning fundamentals, data analysis, training and validating a ML model; and how to generate new 3D designs based on ML using Autodesk Forge.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand new machine-learning techniques
    • Learn how to apply machine learning in engineering design applications
    • Learn how to use Forge to manipulate 3D design
    • Learn how to create performance predication apps