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Bring Geospatial Data into Your Workspace: An Alternative Way for AutoCAD LT

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    In the early stage of a project, collecting and organizing baseline data is essential and key to a successful result. Satellite, aerial, or UAV-based geospatial data—such as imagery and digital elevation model (DEM)—could be one of the most critical foundations of your initial design decision. But it’s not always straightforward if you aren’t familiar with the geographic information system (GIS) industry and community. In this class, we will cover how easy and simple it is to import various GIS data into your design environment using Civil 3D software and InfraWorks software to begin with. Then we will delve into how it can be done with vanilla AutoCAD LT software. We will share several practical and also some experimental techniques to make various GIS data to AutoCAD-readable format. We will also cover some GIS concepts, basic terminology, and how to use widely used open-source toolsets such as GDAL (Geospatial Data Abstraction Library), online resources where you can find and download free data, and related tips and tricks.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover the strong GIS supports and capabilities in Autodesk’s industry-specific products.
    • Learn how to translate GIS data to an AutoCAD native data and open them in the AutoCAD model space.
    • Learn how to establish a basic understanding of GIS concept and terminology.
    • Discover some web resources where you can find free and paid geospatial data.