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Bridging Revit and Inventor Using Autodesk Data Exchange to Make Configurator

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    Data Exchange is a service developed by Autodesk. It acts as an access manager that protects your data. Data Exchange gives you the control to share the right information with the right person for a suitable duration without the concern of industry type or application. Using the Autodesk Forge Data Exchange service, we’ve developed a solar configurator by creating two plug-ins useful for solar designers. The architect uses our Revit plug-in to enter the solar load requirements which automatically creates a view that consists only of the roof elements. Then the solar designer uses our Inventor plug-in to load the Data Exchange of the roof, automatically creating an assembly relative to the required solar load. In this class, we’ll discuss the Data Exchange service and its Autodesk Forge APIs and their uses. We’ll demonstrate our application that will help viewers to think about other possibilities, solving their business logic by making effective use of the Data Exchange and related Autodesk Forge APIs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the Data Exchange Service and its Autodesk Forge APIs.
    • Learn about using the solar configurator (use case) to analyze usability of the Data Exchange to solve industry problems.
    • Learn how we can use the Data Exchange service to connect two different CAD software systems.
    • See more use cases about the Data Exchange service.