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Turning Days into Minutes: Forge Design Automation at Scale
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With the release of Design Automation for Inventor on Forge, it's possible to leverage the scale of the Forge platform not only saving money but also removing the bottleneck of processing automated workflows. You can now automate jobs in parallel and only pay for the processing time used. In this talk we'll go over a number of customer success stories in moving automation from on-premise Inventor servers to our cloud-enabled, scalable Forge service reducing time to process from days down to minutes, imparting a competitive advantage. Specific topics include: 1) design automation overview and typical workflows; 2) customer case studies on moving automation to Forge; 3) extending the value of existing design data through the Forge platform; 4) Manufacturing and Construction automations with Inventor and Revit engines together; 5) what's next: road map and things we’re hearing around automation and Forge.

Key Learnings

  • Learn about Forge and Design Automation
  • Learn from real customer gains by leveraging Design Automation
  • Bring your existing automation and designs into Forge
  • Learn what's next for Forge and automation workflows



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