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Manufacturing Informed Design API On Autodesk Forge

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    Today, building design decisions are not informed by what can be made. Construction processes are iterative, manual, slow, and reactive, with high risk and uncertainty. Data and tools are disconnected and don’t allow processes to work at scale. In this session, we'll go over our Manufacturing Informed Design project. We’ll examine how it brings together our portfolio to inform the design process as early as possible, and we’ll look at how the Autodesk Forge API we’re developing for this will enable our customers and partners to extend our solution. The Manufacturing Informed Design API will be a simple way for customers to 1) publish product templates from Inventor software into Autodesk Construction Cloud or Fusion Team, 2) discover those product templates via the API or Revit, and 3) customize and insert variants from a simple API. We’ll also cover how we’re extending the Autodesk Forge Viewer for simple low- or no-code configuration workflows.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to automate industrialized construction workflows.
    • Learn how to publish product templates to Autodesk Forge.
    • Learn about customizing product templates in Revit or a web app.
    • Learn about extending our industrialized construction platform.