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More Tips, Tricks, and the Future of the Forge Model Derivative Service

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    Last year we brought you “Tips, Tricks, and the Future for Forge Model Derivative Services.” We’re bringing even more goodies to this year’s presentation. We will include more details around the Revit flag to generate rooms and spaces for viewing. We will cover how you can use the model derivative data to do model version comparison. Finally, again we will preview some of the coming features in Model Derivative Service, including the improved SVF2 Forge Viewer format.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn details about the Revit generateMasterViews flags to get room and space information.
    • Learn how to compare the data sets coming from the Model Derivative service.
    • See a preview of coming new features in Model Derivative service.
    • Learn about how and when to use the new SVF2 format.