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Bridge Detailing 2.0: Computational modelling methods using Civil 3D, Revit & Dynamo

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    Finding an automated workflow suitable for complex bridge design isn't easy. Bridge models are often at the mercy of corridor changes; add to this the fact that bridge designers often use different software to the alignment team and the result can be a disconnected, isolated process. Using Dynamo and the open-source CivilConnection node package, this class will show how Revit bridge geometry can be dynamically linked to alignment data, reducing abortive work and increasing the efficiency of implementing design changes. This class will provide an introduction to formulating agile and powerful workflows allowing the best parts of Civil 3D and Revit to be leveraged together in the bridge detailing process. The result is an ability to bring computational design, predominantly still seen as suitable only for preliminary production, firmly into the detailed design arena.

    Key Learnings

    • Use the Subassembly Composer to create custom parametric bridge components
    • Build a Civil 3D corridor describing complex bridge deck geometry
    • Create a Dynamo definition to produce Revit objects from Civil 3D corridors
    • Understand how custom Dynamo nodes are created for bridge modelling, which bring agility and transferability to workflows