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Breaking the Communication Barrier Between Architects and Builders Across Cultures

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    This class will explore and question the standard forms of communication between architects, construction managers, and builders in various parts of the world. In some cultures, hiring an architect, designer, and/or construction manager is not a standard practice or form of service. Architectural drawings can be misleading and hard to understand to someone with limited education and background in the construction industry. The African Design Centre Fellows, together with MASS Design Group and Autodesk Foundation volunteers, workshopped and developed new drawing techniques and standards that can be applied in other contexts to break down the communication barrier between architects, builders, and foremen on construction sites in Rwanda. Using the Autodesk Foundation's Volunteer Rwanda Trip in October 2016 as a case study, the session will discuss the lessons learned and applied during workshops with builders and foremen to help architects and designers communicate more effectively.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand how architectural drawings can be simplified to communicate design intent to builders and foremen with limited educational background in the construction industry
    • Understand why standard drawing techniques and methods can sometimes be confusing and hard to follow for construction managers, builders, and foremen
    • Employ lessons learned from the case study to develop simpler, more effective drawing standards for architectural drawing sets
    • Learn how to limit your visual communication techniques to produce only the drawings required and easy to understand on-site