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The Bermuda Triangle—BIM 360 Glue—Trade.GC.Architect
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In this case study we will examine a mega project utilizing Design Assist and implementing BIM 360 Glue software. Yes, mega project and BIM 360 Glue software. The real story here is how we resolve information drop through handover from design to the general contractor and from general contractor to the Trade Team and back. The answer is to create a triangle and utilize BIM 360 Glue software for pushing authoring models in both directions, depending on the phase of the project. We will discuss workflows on a mega healthcare project utilizing BIM 360 Glue software and Revit software that limit additional work from the Design Team by simply sharing trade models via BIM 360 Glue software. We have work and communication to do, yes, but at McCarthy Engineering Associates, Inc., we are pursuing clash avoidance with this workflow.

Key Learnings

  • Learn how to utilize BIM 360 Glue for clash avoidance
  • Learn how to create better relationships with your design teams and trade partners
  • Discover the full capability of BIM 360 Glue by inviting both designers and trades to the Glue project
  • Learn how to avoid rework by participating more


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