Industry talk    LD22020
Balancing with Drones: Using UAVs for Site Balancing and Haul-Road Design
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Do you have a drone and are curious about what you can use it for beyond pictures? Do you want to balance earthwork volumes on a large project site that is constantly changing? This course studies a project where a drone was used to find the optimal location of a haul road and balance the earthwork in its construction. With a 200-acre site and multiple phases of landscaping, finding a location for haul roads was proving to be a challenge. As the project moved between phases, the haul road had to be moved to facilitate landscaping and grading. We needed a way to locate the road for as long as possible, while keeping the earthwork balancing to zero. By taking flight, we used the drone to identify a location for the road and obtain a topography survey, which enabled us to design a haul road that balanced to zero. This session features AutoCAD Civil 3D. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Find out what benefits there are to utilizing a UAV or drone on a construction site
  • Understand what it takes to utilize a UAV on an active construction site
  • Take away lessons learned from solutions to real-world challenges using drones for aerial surveys
  • Learn how to develop custom workflows and identify required resources to create consistent and reliable data to use for earthwork



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