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BIM 360 and Data Analysis

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    BIM 360 Insight software offers a new way to review project performance. Those activities and interactions happen within the BIM 360 account and would be recorded, calculated, and summarized accurately and shown in the BIM 360 Insight module. To extend the benefits of data management in the same cloud base, we can import and link an external data source to BIM 360 software. Microsoft Power BI is the important media to connect the extra statistics and link with BIM 360. We will introduce more possible data analysis tools such as Google Colab and Python.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to set up the workspace layout of BIM 360 Insight.
    • Learn how to link external API to BIM 360 to enhance the capability of cloud project.
    • Learn about the workflow between BIM 360 and Power BI.
    • Discover the relationship of data science and BIM.