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BIM-Centered Workflows for Structural Analysis

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    As more and more structural engineers connect to and embrace building information modeling (BIM) workflows, there is increased demand for analytical collaboration in BIM. Engineers are looking to increase their analytical modeling productivity while ensuring that their physical and analytical models are well coordinated throughout the design process. In this class, you’ll learn about a completely new approach to structural analytical modeling introduced in Revit 2023 software. This approach offers structural engineers more flexibility and control over their analytical modeling, particularly for complex structures, and therefore enables fully bidirectional workflows between Revit and analysis software. Moreover, you’ll learn how the new library-based steel connection design automation introduced in Revit 2023 enables you to design steel structures more quickly and accurately, using predefined and easily customized rules maximizing results of structural analysis.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn about the value of new workflows for structural analysis available in Revit 2023.
    • Learn how to use the new Revit analytical modeling tools.
    • Learn how to automate structural analytical modeling workflows in Revit.
    • Learn about the library-based steel connection design automation available in Revit 2023.