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The BIM Practice of Lean Project Management in the Design and Construction of Shanghai Tower

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    The story of the 632-meter Shanghai Tower has been referred to worldwide many times, and now here is your chance to meet Mr. Ge Qing, the chief engineer of Shanghai Tower and to hear more about the best practices and experience sharing of lean project management from this super highrise and sustainable project. Facing complex skyscraper challenges from both technical and management perspectives, Shanghai Tower Construction & Development became the first owner to deploy a BIM whole lifecycle solution in China. By addressing multiple technologies and software coordination, all of the processes, information, and stakeholders have been integrated through BIM implementation to create higher efficiency, reduce risk, and increase profitability. This class covers aspects of BIM implementation, including the project challenges, strategy of BIM-based lean VDC management, all phases of BIM collaboration, and achievements and benefits for project economy, building management, and social meaning.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the workflows, challenges, and risks in designing, building, and maintaining a complex skyscraper
    • Use BIM technology across the lifecycle for lean project management
    • Explain the practices of increasing productivity and efficiency during multidiscipline design, construction, and management
    • Describe the BIM achievements an benefits for the owner during a full lifecycle BIM implementation