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From BIM to Manufacturing and Back: Bridging the Gap Through Automation

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    In today's complex and fast-paced Digital Prototyping world, architects and engineers need to share data and workflows between Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems and engineering and manufacturing systems. Part families and members defined and managed in the intelligent model need to be passed to engineering to drive detailed modeling, analysis, and ultimately, manufacturing. Likewise, vendors supplying engineered systems to the buildings need to provide their detailed engineering models and data in usable and efficient formats for inclusion in intelligent models. With Autodesk products, you can capture and automate these workflows that are critical success factors in today's large multidisciplinary projects. In this class, you learn about architectures and tools for implementing and automating these workflows and for seamlessly bridging the gap between BIM, engineering, and manufacturing.

    Key Learnings

    • Explain how data and models can flow effortlessly between BIM tools and engineering tools
    • Describe several different architectures for automating these workflows
    • List techniques using specific software tools, including Revit®, Inventor®, and Inventor® Engineer-to-Order
    • Identify when your projects would benefit from these approaches