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BIM & GIS for one of North Americas Largest Linear Infrastructure Projects

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    Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx are working on delivering the Ontario Line, a CA$10.9 B, 16 km new subway line with 15 stations running through the heart of Toronto, CA. HDR is driving the development, design, and digital delivery of the project utilizing Autodesk Civil3D, Revit, InfraWorks, and BIM60 combined with ArcGIS technology to effectively organize GIS, Cad, and BIM data across an international project team. Utilizing the BIM360 Cloud Connector within ArcGIS, project information is connected from the BIM360 design hub directly into a GIS, allowing single source of truth sharing of information through multiple windows, for extended use cases of information sharing through a custom-built, purpose-driven GIS Hub. The Ontario Line Planning Portal provides over 500 staff easy access to data and information via a suite of discipline-specific web applications for reviewing the latest 2D alignment, properties, utilities, survey, environmental impacts, and 3D station design.

    Key Learnings

    • Understand Current capabilities and limitations of connecting native Autodesk design files within an esri environment
    • List three types of additional project data other than design files that can be incorporated into GIS hubs
    • Understand basic systems architecture workflows for executing a model based delivery program
    • Realize three main benefits of incorporating GIS into a Digital Delivery Program