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BIM Execution Plans That Are Actually Executable

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    Many of our BIM Execution Plans (BEPs) are full of software requirements, file type requirements, and upload requirements. By the time it's all on paper, you have a document full of requirements and no actions. In this session, we'll present strategies and lessons learned in creating a BEP that is actionable and still holds everybody accountable to the guidelines needed to create a successful coordination phase of construction. Go beyond a glorified CAD management plan and clash assignments to create shared success for all project stakeholders.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to incorporate BIM Execution Plan elements into contracts
    • Learn how to create BIM Execution Plans that are scalable to project requirements
    • Learn how to plan and hold contextual meetings to increase coordination productivity
    • Learn how to create BIM Execution Plans that can be used for both design and construction coordination