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BIM Execution Planning: How an $800 Million Project Got it Done

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    Building Information Modeling Execution Planning (BIMEP) is the most important step that few are taking in their current workflows. Architects speak of "standard of care" and "traditional scope" and contractors talk in terms of "time saved." Owners want to save as much money as possible. Can BIM really make this process easier? This course will try to tackle the big questions that BIM poses in our industry today and hopefully provide the answers necessary to get your next project kicked off on the right foot. Using a recent, very large, multidisciplinary project, we will show how the planning process should start early and be monitored throughout the project. This is not a "one and done" scenario.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to craft an effective BIMEP—it's more than just the current Revit version
    • Discover the various points of interest throughout the project lifecycle
    • Learn how to communicate clearly and early in a project about the functional uses of the BIM
    • Learn how to capitalize on emerging industry standards around delivery