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BIM Execution, Custom Attribution, and a Private Cloud: The Bergen Light Rail Project

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    Bergen’s Light-Rail Project Building Information Modeling (BIM) strategy was shaped by strict demands: 300-plus professional stakeholders, lots of tunnels, heavy storm events, traffic, and tracks running down the middle of Norway’s second-largest city. The unique execution plan created for this project was customized from a mix of private and government guides. The resulting plan included model specifications, level of development (LOD) progressions, quality assurance criteria, and collaboration policies. The project capitalized on iConstruct, FME, and A360 cloud-based collaboration service to automatically create and compose the federated/collaboration model. A powerful set of custom information was added to objects at this collaboration stage to further facilitate the mapped processes. Autodesk Consulting and Premium Support assisted to optimize and customize workflows. And Autodesk Consulting is currently working on a joint Autodesk, Inc./Sweco cloud solution, so the entire project team will have an updated model available every day as this project moves toward completion. AIA Approved

    Key Learnings

    • Discover what is included in an ICT and BIM execution plan made for a complex transportation project
    • Learn how to plan and control information development and level of detail
    • Learn how to automate the creation of the federated 3D model, and how to add custom attributes to objects
    • See how Autodesk has helped out the project team with their expertise, and how Sweco and Autodesk are developing a custom cloud solution