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BIM for Contractors: Back to Basics
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Have you ever thought about starting your Building Information Modeling / virtual design and construction (BIM/VDC) department over from scratch? What would you do differently with all the knowledge and experience you’ve gained? What wasted time and energy would you avoid the second time around? What tools, software, workflows, and processes would make the cut, and which would be revealed as fluff? I recently did just this after helping to build and manage the BIM department at an industry leader in technology use, and I’ve found it to be an amazingly refreshing exercise in optimization and refinement of workflows and tools. This class will focus on that transition and the lessons learned that I've gained during the process. Whether you’re a contractor with an established BIM/VDC workflow and you need some tips for spring cleaning your processes, or you’re just getting started in this world of 3D technology and need some ideas for the most important first steps to ensure success, you will walk away with some great ideas to take back to your firm. This session features Revit and A360. AIA Approved

Key Learnings

  • Discover the essential tools and processes needed to start a BIM/VDC department
  • Discover best practices for clearing unnecessary tools and processes from your workflow
  • Discover the software/hardware needed to get BIM/VDC implemented at the building-design, conceptual, preconstruction, and operations stages of a project
  • Discover the best ways to start interfacing with and training owners, subs, and partners you work with to enhance relationships and ensure successful BIM implementation on your projects


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