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BIM As-Builts from Plans Versus 3D Laser Scans

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    This class will compare the process of building a Revit software model from reality capture 3D laser scans versus building one from historic plans. Often clients assume that modeling from a plan is faster and cheaper than sending a scanning crew to the site. We look at several case studies and compare the numbers to show how and why 3D laser scanning is less expensive, faster, and more accurate.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to compare the costs and benefits of creating as-built models based on 3D laser scans versus existing 2D drawings
    • Discover the skills, technology, and time requirements for creating an as-built model based on 3D scans versus existing 2D drawings
    • Understand when scanning to create an as-built model would be feasible and cost-effective, and in which projects
    • Understand a general overview of 3D laser scanning and how to use it with the Building Design Suite