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From BIM to Beautiful: Utilizing Revit Models for Architectural Visualization

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    Learn to combine logical modeling practices with the powerful FBX file interface, and discover the potential of your Revit software models in 3ds Max software and real-time environments. In this class we will explore the benefits of the Revit software feature set—such as level of detail, material appearance, element IDs, model categories, and many more—to create visualizations in external applications using the FBX file format as our main pipeline. Our journey will begin in Revit, followed by 3d Studio Max, and finally the Unity3d game engine. Examples will include a small standalone project as well as a large athletics complex.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to establish logical strategies for structuring model information
    • Learn how to use the FBX format to export and update models to external applications
    • Learn how to navigate the model structure to modify materials and elements
    • Learn how to update design changes on demand for static and/or real-time rendering