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BIM for All: Influencing Company-Wide BIM Adoption

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    Have you ever heard someone in your office say, That's the BIM guy's job, not mine.? The role of BIM in construction is changing. Soon BIM will be ubiquitous across all of our operations. Currently, most third-party training materials focus on the complete package of tools within the software. Many times this training revolves around the key strokes that are needed to achieve outcomes as designed by the software manufacturer, but fails to meet the specific necessities of the contractor. Instead, we need to adapt our training strategy to focus on how BIM integrates into our current project delivery workflows. By educating our personnel on the process first, we can then break down the technical content to support the idea of just-in-time training. In this roundtable session, we share experiences and lessons learned through our efforts to motivate and influence adoption of model-based project delivery within our operations groups, and we also share examples of ways to track enterprise-level progress.

    Key Learnings

    • Describe the current and future state of BIM adoption within construction
    • Explain that complete BIM adoption is a disruptive change to your organizational processes
    • Address sociological challenges with company-wide BIM adoption to motivate and influence organizational change
    • Effectively track the company's BIM adoption rate to benchmark progress internally and use the metrics to win work