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BC Pro and TradeTapp: The Preconstruction Solution for General Contractors

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    For the most part, every dollar that’s gained or lost happens during preconstruction. If general contractors have the information they need to do their best work, everything that can go wrong on-site can be avoided during preconstruction. This is where BC Pro and TradeTapp come in—the all-in-one preconstruction solution for general contractors. Join Mike Powers as he shows you how BC Pro and TradeTapp seamlessly enable general contractors to identify the right subcontractor for the right project through a collaborative bid-management process. You’ll learn how to choose the best bidder, faster, as you access an ever-expanding, crowd-sourced network of subcontractors in real time. Plus, you’ll see how BC Pro streamlines the bid-management process from start to finish, and helps general contractors accurately and efficiently level proposals at scale to identify the best bids. With TradeTapp, you’ll learn how subcontractor qualification and analysis is generated and how the automated recommendations can help risk teams support their strategies.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to identify the right subcontractor for the right project with collaborative risk and bid management tools
    • Learn how BC Pro enables general contractors to access an ever-expanding, crowd-sourced network of subs in real time
    • Learn how TradeTapp improves subqualification and analysis, and mitigates risk sooner with automated recommendations
    • Learn how BC Pro lets general contractors level out scopes of work