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Automating Building Code Plan Review Using BIM
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Automated plan review that is integrated into Building Information Modeling (BIM) can ease the pain of achieving compliance with building codes. It also can have a big impact on an architect's bottom line, an enormous impact on your client's bottom line through expediting the permit and commissioning processes, and it can even impact city revenue by accelerating property and sales tax receipts. In this presentation, you will see an innovative process designed for using Revit software with software for automated plan review. After adding building code information to the BIM model, the add-in acts as a client to send data to a cloud service that assesses whether the building complies with particular sections of the International Building Code. Results are displayed as annotations of the BIM model, enabling quick alteration to achieve compliance. A plan-review report aids authorities in assuring that the building is ready for a permit. Automated plan review can disrupt and change the building industry by offering benefits to all stakeholders.

Key Learnings

  • Recognize how streamlined plan review provides value to architects, building owners, and jurisdictions
  • Understand how to use Revit to document and visualize building code information
  • Understand the components of a BIM-integrated, cloud-based service for automated plan review
  • Increase your knowledge of decisions at schematic design that are concerned with compliance with building code



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