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Automate and Connect Workflows Using Autodesk’s Integrations Ecosystem

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    At Autodesk, we build solutions that include everything from 3D design, to preconstruction, through build, and into project handover. Customers often use Construction Cloud in tandem with advanced construction software and hardware, as well as with everyday software tools such as Microsoft Office 365, Smartsheet, cloud-storage solutions, and data-analytics tools such as Microsoft Power BI. Automating the workflows and data passed through these disparate systems helps keep everyone working with the latest and greatest information, eliminating errors due to siloed data and making collaboration easier on a construction jobsite. This talk will focus on using Autodesk APIs and our integration platform-as-a-service—Construction Cloud Connect—to build custom workflows and to connect various technologies together to build a tech stack custom tailored to your needs.

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to discover inefficient processes in a technology ecosystem and automate those workflows.
    • Discover the APIs that surround Construction Cloud and the possibilities associated with them.
    • Learn how to create workflow recipes in Construction Cloud Connect to route files and data to better support business processes.
    • Learn how to transfer data between key construction and productivity tools with little to no code.