Lecture    AV2155
Autodesk® Revit® and Autodesk® 3ds Max® Workflow for Iterative Design: 10% Theory to 90% Actual Project Experience
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Today, dedicated 3D visualization is a common practice in medium-to-large architecture and design firms. Inherent to its in-house nature, the specialization particularly focuses on supporting projects iteratively through the design process. For those of us who use 3D as a key tool for validating design decisions quickly and interactively, we see the design process at the center of the 3D artist’s workflow. This class will guide Autodesk 3ds Max software users through the steps involved in creating a proven 3D workflow that takes advantage of linking capabilities of Autodesk Revit software models inside 3ds Max. You will learn useful practices and tips and tricks that facilitate design exploration and subsequent production-level design visualization.

Key Learnings

  • Generate design iterations efficiently by combining Revit parametric modeling with the powerful editing capabilities of 3ds Max
  • Use techniques and tips that help you create effective renderings in 3ds Max to support and present design solutions
  • Recognize and take advantage of the added value that 3ds Max brings over Revit in visualizing design iterations
  • Apply a robust Revit-to-3ds Max workflow by understanding 3D data flow between the two applications



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