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AutoCAD: Setting Up a Project Drawing Workflow with PlanGrid

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    PlanGrid became an Autodesk company in 2018, and provides a browser- and app-based tool to work with smart drawings during the construction phase of a project. Setting up a project and linking drawings to the project is a simple process and lets you take advantage of mobile technology on the construction site. AutoCAD guru and LinkedIn learning [in]structor Shaun Bryant (CadJedi) will show you how to prepare an AutoCAD 2D drawing project, with associated drawings for use in PlanGrid. He’ll take you through the necessary housekeeping required in AutoCAD, demonstrate how to add the drawings to the PlanGrid project, and show you the associated benefits PlanGrid provides when on-site.

    Key Learnings

    • Work through the necessary housekeeping required to get AutoCAD drawings into a project format
    • Learn how to build the project folder structure to your internal CAD standard
    • Learn how to add the drawings to the PlanGrid project and release them to site
    • Learn how to work with PlanGrid, realizing the benefits of having a fully functional drawing management application to use while on-site