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AutoCAD Anywhere: Combine the Power of AutoCAD and Your Mobile Device

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    With more than 25 million downloads, customers around the world are using the AutoCAD mobile app to create DWG™ technology, measure objects, and gain general access to essential drawings, wherever the job takes them. Grab this opportunity and register to learn about the advantages of adding the AutoCAD mobile app to your tool belt to complete your day-to-day tasks more efficiently than ever before. In this class, we'll discuss how customers use AutoCAD mobile together with AutoCAD software and the AutoCAD web app to optimize workflows and maximize the experience. You'll learn how to complete workflows from the office to the field and back, and gain valuable tips to better ensure you're using AutoCAD mobile to its full potential. Additionally, we'll highlight what's new in AutoCAD mobile, and look at the exciting plans for next year.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover how AutoCAD mobile can improve common day-to-day workflows
    • Learn how to use AutoCAD mobile in synergy with other tools
    • Learn how to seamlessly work with DWGs on mobile, web, and desktop
    • Learn more about the brand-new AutoCAD mobile engine