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AnyCAD and the Exchangeability of Inventor

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    We’ve all been there. Multiple sources of information, various software systems, and everyone needing to efficiently communicate to complete the project. AnyCAD software provides the medium to use, reuse, and exchange data of various types and from different sources. In this class, we’ll explore the different types of data supported by Inventor software and the applications included in the Product Design & Manufacturing Collection. We’ll dive into handling change and ensuring we associatively (when possible) share the data. What can AnyCAD do? It can associatively import DWG™ to build parts; keep third-party data in their non-native format; use 2D and 3D PDF for communication; perform to-and-from exchange with Revit software; share with others using the A360 cloud-based collaboration service; export Inventor bills of material (BOM) information to nonengineering users; and associatively share information with Fusion 360 software—and who knows what else!

    Key Learnings

    • Learn how to use Inventor AnyCAD to reference third-party models
    • Learn how to use 2D DWG data to build a new model
    • Learn how to share information back and forth between Inventor and Fusion 360
    • Learn how the BOM can travel downstream