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Ancient Egyptian Tomb: CG Reconstruction and Visualization in 3ds Max

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    This class will be an amazing experience. We will show you a new way to use 3ds Max software and other computer graphics (CG) tools in collaboration with historians, such as Egyptologists, to reconstruct heritage architecture and other monuments. The class will consist of two parts. The first part will be a quick review of the ancient Egyptian tombs, the way they were built, and why they have been destroyed. The second part will address techniques used for CG reconstruction of a masterpiece—the tomb of Nefertari. You'll see the complete workflow from idea to final visualization. We’ll show how textures were reconstructed in Adobe Photoshop, and how 3D models were created and textured in 3ds Max software, then lit and rendered using Corona Renderer. This reconstruction was presented for a 360-degree clip for planetarium use and a stereoscopic clip for National Geographic.

    Key Learnings

    • Discover CG technologies related to Egyptology.
    • Discover some techniques and workflow used for visualization in 3ds Max.
    • Discover a workflow used for visualization in 3ds Max.
    • Discover a new vision of architecture visualization.